Mt. Baldy Gear List


  • a pair of waterproof hiking boots
  • Layers of clothing. If you are not familiar with the concept of layering please look it up here.
  • wool medium to thick hiking socks
  • hat (sunburn is possible), gloves, sunglasses
  • Gaiters to prevent snow from getting into your boots
  • Trekking poles
  • Climbing cleats or ice crampons
    these two look pretty good: 1 2  based on the reviews, your mileage might vary (no pun intended)

Food and snacks

  • bring a sandwich or two, you will get (very) hungry
  • bring snacks you can consume on the go: chocolate bars, energy bars and nuts work well
  • it is nice to have a hot drink in cold weather if you don’t mind the extra weight (of a thermos). I might bring my stove which works well for cup noodles and tea, coffee…etc. I will let you know
  • bring 2-3 liters of drinking water; camelbak or other water bladders work well; you will benefit greatly from filling it with a sports drink or a mix; there is a small stream around 9000 ft., but you’ll have to filter the water from it

Other tips

  • carbload the night before; pasta, noodles, pizza…etc.
  • do not skip breakfast
  • bring / take some ibuprofen; serves two purposes: painkiller and blood thinner for high altitude
  • make sure to clip your toe nails to prevent black toes
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Osprey Flare vs Osprey Ellipse Backpacks

If you are wondering what the differences are between these two packs you came to the right place. Let’s start with specifications as provided by Osprey:



Volume 25 liters (1526 22 liters (1343
Weight 1 lb 6.9 oz (0.65 kg) 1 lb 9 oz (0.72 kg)

The weight of each bag is as advertised. However, I am not sure why Osprey lists a 3 liter volume difference between the two as the dimensions are identical.

Exterior of the bags are very similar. Although they both have a pouch on each side, Flare has one additional pouch on the front. Ellipse has a strap in its place.

Similarly, interior of bags are nearly identical too. There is a front and a main compartment in each bag. There is also a smaller zippered pocket just outside of the front compartment. The only difference within the front compartments is that Flare has a zippered interior pocket whereas Ellipse uses a small velcro strip for the same pocket.

Likewise, main compartments have identical layouts. However, Flare has an additional zippered pocket. In addition, Flare’s laptop/tablet padding is thicker than Ellipse’s.

Finally, both bags have a small opening hidden under the top handle loop that can be used for a hydration bladder or a set of ear phones for media players.

In sum, these two bags are nearly identical in dimensions, layout and price. The differences are two zippered interior pockets, an exterior front pouch and a thicker padded compartment on Flare.

Osprey Flare & Ellipse Comparison Photos

Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6604.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6608.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6610.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6612.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6613.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6614.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6615.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6616.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6617.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6620.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6623.JPG
Osprey Flare vs Ellipse - IMG_6624.JPG

Osprey Packs Ellipse Daypack (Spring 2016 Model), Cactus Green (Accessory)

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Osprey Packs Flare Daypack (Spring 2016 Model), Black (Accessory)

List Price: Price Not Listed
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