Mt. Baldy Gear List

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  • a pair of waterproof hiking boots
  • Layers of clothing. If you are not familiar with the concept of layering please look it up here.
  • wool medium to thick hiking socks
  • hat (sunburn is possible), gloves, sunglasses
  • Gaiters to prevent snow from getting into your boots
  • Trekking poles
  • Climbing cleats or ice crampons
    these two look pretty good: 1 2  based on the reviews, your mileage might vary (no pun intended)

Food and snacks

  • bring a sandwich or two, you will get (very) hungry
  • bring snacks you can consume on the go: chocolate bars, energy bars and nuts work well
  • it is nice to have a hot drink in cold weather if you don’t mind the extra weight (of a thermos). I might bring my stove which works well for cup noodles and tea, coffee…etc. I will let you know
  • bring 2-3 liters of drinking water; camelbak or other water bladders work well; you will benefit greatly from filling it with a sports drink or a mix; there is a small stream around 9000 ft., but you’ll have to filter the water from it

Other tips

  • carbload the night before; pasta, noodles, pizza…etc.
  • do not skip breakfast
  • bring / take some ibuprofen; serves two purposes: painkiller and blood thinner for high altitude
  • make sure to clip your toe nails to prevent black toes