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La Petite France

La Petite France is the historic quarter of the city of Strasbourg in North Eastern France. The quarter is well known for its beautifully preserved (restored) half-timbered homes and many of its waterways that crisscrosses the city.
We spent a night and two half days in Strasbourg, wondering around the cobble lined streets taking lots of photos and marveling at the amazing medieval buildings on the banks of the canals. We were both really impressed with the city and wished that we could have stayed another night.
Overall, an excellent place to practice your camera skills.

A boat tour waiting at the canal lock
A boat tour waiting at the canal lock

Tour boat on the canal
We did not get to ride on these boats, but oh well, may be next time !

Flowers on the canal bank
Flowers everywhere !

Picturesque canals

A restaurant on the bank of a canal

Simply stunning views

Feast for the eyes and the soul

Marco Polo Restaurant

A quaint home

I found the slow flow of water in the canals very therapeutic

Cobblestone streets
Cobblestone streets


Interior decor of Caupona Taverne

Burger menu at Caupona Taverne

After effects!

Love the reflection of lights on water at night

A cute Thai restaurant

A panoramic view at night

Heading back to hotel at 11PM

Lobby of Hotel Maison Rouge

View of the tram from the hotel room balcony.

Finished the day with ice cream !

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